Give Cross Training A Try For A Hard Core Body

Give Cross Training A Try For A Hard Core Body

Cross training is for those who want to master their body physically in all sorts of ways. Some athletes who train doing the same exercise routines might not be training their whole body. For example, the runner who gets asked to play a game of basketball and can’t believe how sore they are the next day is sore because he has only been training his leg muscles in one certain way. Basketball requires more than just running, like jumping, shooting, and sharp back and forth movements. The same goes for a weight lifter who has to walk three flights of stairs and can hardly breathe afterwards. He has hard core biceps and quads, but has not been working on his cardio. This is why cross training is super beneficial to all sorts of athletes. Cross training is simply alternating the way you workout so that more than just one set of muscles is getting a workout. For example, if you love to lift weights, that is wonderful, but you might also want to start a cardio exercise routine for optimal performance. Perhaps you can alternate weight training with cardio exercises like swimming, running, or riding a bike. You will find that in the long run, you will feel super fit and perform better if you compete in a competition.

How it helps

Most fitness experts will tell you these days that for an athlete to behave at optimal performance, cross training is the way to go. Even professional athletes like baseball players and golfers have begun cross training to enhance their performances. You will find professional football players performing their hard core football workouts during the season and in the off season many of them will be cross training by playing tennis, doing yoga, rock climbing, and so on. It makes great sense to train your entire body for optimal performance.

The same old thing gets boring

Sometimes doing the same old exercise routine just gets boring, so why not mix things up with cross training. If you are a walker who walks one hour each day faithfully, perhaps you can get on your bike one day and ride a great trail or part of town. Or maybe you can hit the weight room one day instead of walking. There are so many ways to change up your exercise routine. Here are some exercises you can choose from to begin your very own cross training;
• Biking
• Swimming
• Tennis
• Soccer
• Baseball
• Gymnastics
• Volleyball
• Golf
• Disc golf
• Rock climbing
• Running
• Skiing
• Paddle boarding
• Kayaking
• Football
• Dancing
• Rollerblading

These are wonderful ideas to mix in with your current workout routine. If you do not see anything on this list that suits you, simply do a Google search on “list of sports or exercises” and take a look and see what is available. There is no reason why you should be bored with your workout routines. Go ahead and give cross training a try and sculpt your very own hard core body.

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